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Stimmen der Coronakrise is a no-budget feature-length documentary that I wrote, produced and directed for HISTORY Germany. Based on user-submitted footage, it chronologically narrates the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


The online premiere of Stimmen der Coronakrise on the HISTORY YouTube channel reached a total of 93k views within its first month of availability, was received with excellent reviews in the specialised press (epd-Medien and SWYRL.tv) and was covered by Focus, Stern and DWDL among many others.


The documentary premiered on pay-TV on HISTORY Germany on 28.01.2021.

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IKONEN? is a series of no-budget true crime shorts that I wrote, produced, edited and directed for CRIME + INVESTIGATION Germany. The series is narrated by Harriet Kracht and tells solved but also unsolved, known but also lesser known, international as well as local German crime cases that celebrities got involved with in a multitude of different ways.


The series premiered on pay-TV on CRIME + INVESTIGATION Germany on 04.12.2019.

IKONEN? (2019-2020)